Monday, November 21, 2011

Ramen Bento and Gyro Lunchtime Adventures

artist journal ink drawing of a Japanese lunchWe went to lunch at Obento-ya because they are one of the few twin city restaurants that serve ramen. It was an attractive restaurant with beautiful presentation; the problem was that we wanted to try the gyros across the street. Obento-ya only serves Ramen on Mondays and we had a reservation so we ate about half and went for our second lunch.
We split an unusual gyro. The meat was the kind you find on kabobs and we didn't expect to find spearmint in the sauce (that's pretty exotic when you're used to mall type gyros). The best part was the floor sagged towards the middle so all tables were at an angle. Crescent Moon is located near the U of M so we got to listen to the self-important man behind us pontificate on everything from third world agricultural practices to the space program. We sat tilted, eating off waxed paper, looking for spearmint chunks while hearing about free trade and the Euro. It was like picnicking in your car on the side of a hill while listening to a very bad NPR guest. Funny!