Wednesday, June 26, 2013

How To Make A Glitter Texture In Photoshop

the word glitter in gold glitter

I was going to photograph some glitter to use as a texture but I found this nifty tutorial from ScrapbookBytes.

Here are my notes:
Open a new square document in Photoshop (make sure the color is set to RGB not CMYK, the filters won't work in CMYK. Make the document 8 bit.)
Fill with grey #B3b3b3 (I tired 50% grey and it was too dark)
Filter > Texture > Grain. Select Sprinkle from the drop down menu. Intensity 35. Contrast 50. OK
Filter > Pixelate > Crystallize. 3%
Command J to duplicate the layer. Edit > Transform > Rotate 90 CW. Blend mode Multiply.
Repeat - Command J to duplicate the layer. Edit > Transform > Rotate 90 CW. Blend mode Multiply.
Merge the layers and save the file in case you want to make more glitter. This is the base you work off. I saved mine as glitter_blendModeOverlay.jpg

To color the glitter:
Open the new glitter base in Photoshop.
Add a new layer. Fill with a color. For the gold glitter I used #BC9D20. Blend mode Overlay.

Photoshop layers panel screenshot

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

How To Change CMYK To Pantone In Illustrator

Illustrator screen shot of recolor artwork
There's a few reasons for changing CMYK colors to Pantone. Sometimes you are given a color and need to know the Pantone equivalent or you want to make a tint of a color without losing opacity.

You select the object that you want to change.
Go to Edit > Edit Colors > Recolor Artwork
Illustrator screen shot of recolor artwork
Click on the box underneath the check mark for None in the photo. This limits the color groups to colors in the color swatch library.

Color Books > Pantone solid uncoated. You can choose any Pantone library you like, I prefer solid uncoated.
Illustrator screen shot of recolor artwork
 Click OK
Illustrator screen shot of swatch panel
You can now find the Pantone color in your Swatches panel.

To make a tint of the color, move the slider underneath the color bar (small triangle) or change the percentage.
3 rectangles that use negative space to resemble steps
Now you have a simple tint and if this is being sent off to a printer, it would be a one color job.

You also change the tinted areas back to CMYK for home printing by selecting the image and going to

Edit > Edit Colors > Convert to CMYK.

Monday, June 24, 2013

How To Make An Artistic Colored Gradient in Photoshop

palm trees on stairs
I recently was looking through a magazine and saw a pretty black and white fashion photo with a pink gradient and I had to try to duplicate it.

palm trees on stairs

Place your photo in Photoshop.

To make it black and white go to Image > Adjustments > Channel Mixer
Check Monochrome. Click OK

photoshop gradient screenshots

New Fill or Adjustment Layer > Gradient.
Click on the gradient in the Gradient Fill screen to bring up the Gradient Editor.
Choose a color to fill the little paint bucket. I used a Miami Vice style pink F87a7a.
100% Opacity is too intense so you want click on the box over the paint bucket to bring up the opacity slider. I used 42%.
Adjust the angle so that it looks right.

tinted palm trees on stairs

The image on the left is how it looks after the gradient is applied. The right version had the blending mode Multiply applied.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Free High Resolution Downloads From the Rijks Museum

Hipster Rembrandt self portrait

You can download high resolution art from the Rijks Studio for your own personal use and commercial use is negotiable. I had to take the service for a spin. The resolution of the Rembrandt self portrait download is 7.3 x 8.3 inches at 300 pixels per inch. Cool, no wonder Rembrandt looks so surprised, or it could be the hipster eye glasses.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

July Checklist Calendar Illustration in Illustrator Watermelon Flowers

Botanical crossbreeding. This is what happens when watermelon and sunflowers are planted in the same field.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Vintage Minnesota Advertising Map Powers Deptartment Store

Vintage Minnesota Advertising Map
Vintage pictorial maps are so much fun, I wish people still did them more.

The oddest cartoon is of a criminal in Stillwater State Prison wishing he could go to "dat" Powers sale.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Fry Cook On Venus Ferris Bueller Retro Space Age Poster

Retro space poster, save Ferris, fry cook on Venus.

Now this would be a fun career day; Saturn off in the distance while a space ship rockets over the Venus diner.

Available on Etsy

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Mice Snuggling On A Mushroom Under A Full Moon Poster

If you live to be a 100, I want to live to be a 100 minus 1 day so I never have to live without you. Winnie the Pooh quote.

The illustration is a vintage image from the Graphic Fairy that I live traced and colored in Illustrator.

Available on Etsy

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Only Boring People Are Bored Print with Dancing Dogs, Monkeys and a Cat

Only Boring People Are Bored Print with Dancing Dogs, Monkeys and a Cat

This wonderful vintage illustration came from the Graphics Fairy.

It was black and white so I did a live trace in Illustrator and colored it with the the blob brush.

Available on Etsy

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Anime in Illustrator

anime style drawing of a young girl drawn in Illustrator

My daughter received an anime style pencil sketch of herself from a friend. I redid the drawing for her in Illustrator. I used the pen tool for the line work and converted the lines to tapered brush strokes. The coloring was done using the Blob Brush. The blob brush turns the color into an editable mass instead of lots of brush strokes.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

I'll Meet You Here Lomo Style Photography Poster

i'll meet you here poster with ocean and beach

I took my digital photo from Huatulco, Mexico and applied Photoshop filters to make it resemble Lomography. I did a tutorial on my other blog 365 Projects if you want to play along at home.

Available on Etsy 

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Let's Go Anywhere Photographic Poster

view above the clouds with the text lets go anywhere

I have been very fortunate about getting window seats on planes; it saves me from having to arm wrestle passengers for their seat. There's a few places I don't care to visit since I want to travel safely but I'll pretty much go anywhere, anytime.

Available on Etsy 

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Rubber Band Ball Poster

Rubber band ball poster

I used to have a huge rubber band ball on my desk. I started it after visiting the twine ball museum but when I closed my insurance agency I gave it to a child who used to come and visit it. For some reason the word "rubber" seems a little racy and I find that amusing. I also like showing a round object as square.

Available on Etsy 

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Be The Reason Someone Smiles Today Poster

tree poster tree poster be the reason someone smiles today

I love the sentiment, and the trip to Huatulco, Mexico where I took the photo was definitely smile worthy.

Available on Etsy 

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Water Missippippi River Headwaters Poster

itasca state park Mississippi headwaters poster

Early Sunday morning is the best time to go to Itasca State Park, you have the park all to yourself. I plan to do a poster for all the elements with photos taken at the cabin.

Available on Etsy 

Friday, June 7, 2013

Digital Scrapbook Pages From Huatulco, Mexico

The images are from Huatulco, Mexico and include sea gull footprints on the beach and a palm tree with shadow. In addition to the original image, there is a sepia version, a subdued vintage image and a black and white.

They are available in my new Etsy shop, Pixels to Print.

sea gull footprints in the sand in Huatulco, Mexico

palm tree and shadow in Huatulco, Mexico

Monday, June 3, 2013

Oriole with an Orange June Checklist Calendar Illustration in Illustrator

calendar page with oriole and orange illustration
Over Memorial weekend we had numerous gorgeous birds at the cabin but the most vivid were the orioles. It was fortunate I brought up a bag of oranges since they ate 3 per day.

I changed the style of my calendar to a weekly format to allow more writing area.

I'll check off the daily to do list and include specific notes about the day. The calendar pages are glued into my artist journal and tabbed for easy access.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

How To Make A Text Clipping Mask With A Photo Background In Illustrator

the words blue sky written with a sky background

Place a background image or photo in a new document in illustrator.
Type over the photo.

If you want the letters to touch.
Type > Create Outlines
Object > Ungroup
Shift the letters until you like the placement.
Object > Compound Path > Make
Move the text where you want to to see the image in the letters on the background photo.
Select both the text and the background image.
Object > Clipping Mask >Make

If you don't want the letters to touch.
Type > Create Outlines
Object > Compound Path > Make
Move the text where you want to to see the image in the letters on the background photo.
Select both the text and the background image.
Object > Clipping Mask >Make

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Drinking Rum In The Morning Makes You A Pirate, Not An Alcoholic

pirate ship sails with humorous text

Ahoy! I took this photo aboard a pirate ship sailing along the the shores of Cabo San Lucas. The captain wore Ray Ban sunglasses and the crew worked for tips; not exactly the bloodthirsty lot that may have sailed the area a century ago.

Available on Etsy