Sunday, December 26, 2010

Deadpool Style Clothing For Nissa and Dogpool (Zelda)

My daughter is a huge Deadpool fan but there is very little merchandise for it so I made her a few things for Christmas.

deadpool hooded sweatshirt hoodie

The black hoodie was purchased at Target and I hand appliqued the Deadpool logo on the front.

deadpool crocheted scarf

The crocheted Deadpool scarf has a complete logo when the ends are held together.

deadpool inspired dog jacket

The scarf was my first design but I had a second variation that didn't work out which left me with several of the Deadpool circles. I used the circles to make a crocheted dog jacket and called it Dogpool.

kindergarten Halloween party
Nissa as storm from the x-men

As you can see, Nissa has had a fondness for comic book characters since she was little; she's the one dressed as Storm from the X-Men.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Second Ice Age

the sinclair dinosaur in front of the service station

The Sinclair dinosaur is finally ready for the ice age with his stylish scarf.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Photographer's Business Card

I was recently asked to create a one sided business card for a new photographer. He wanted lots of color, particularly a masculine pink, plus CMYK and RGB colors. He also requested lots of crisp lines and did not want to include any examples of his photographs.
I chose the font ITC Avant Garde Gothic for it's beautiful, round counters which mimic a camera lens. The b is filled with a camera aperture and was divided to accommodate 8 sections for the requested colors. The e resembles an eye so I used the dot for the initial to make a pupil and the counter becomes an eyelid.
initial logo with camera aperature

 Here is a grayscale version for black and white applications.
initial logo with camera aperature

This is a less whimsical version of the font design but he preferred the first example.
initial logo with camera aperature