Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Garden Stone Ideas from Caponi Art Park

stonework from the gardens at Caponi Art Park
The garden stonework at this fun park is inspiring and a lot it it is attainable. I think I'll incorporate some of the elements at the cabin.

The top edging is concrete blocks with stone obelisk behind them.

I would not have thought you could have had the paved paths in Minnesota with the frost pushing up the stones but they looked great. One is stone and the other is timbers placed on end.

The garden bench was built into a stone retaining wall.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Flamenco Dancing at Caponi Art Park - Small Adventures Week 3

images from caponi art park
Flamenco Para Todos with Flamenco Espana performed at Caponi Art Park in Eagan, MN.

There are 60 acres of art in a woodland setting to explore. Most of the sculptures were done by the park's founder, Anthony Caponi. 

Many of the sculptures are incorporated into the landscape and the earthworks become part of the experience.

The Photoshop action for the film strip is Sutro.

Friday, July 26, 2013

The Tall Ships Came Into Duluth, Minnesota - Small Adventures Week 2

Tall Ships in Duluth Minnesota
The tall ships docked in Duluth 7/25 and were well received by a huge crowd of onlookers. I don't think I've ever seen so many cameras in one place.

Afterwards, we joined another huge crowd at the Portland Malt Shop for the best malts in Minnesota.

We continued along old highway 61 which skirts the lake. We've taken this lovely drive many times but the rain that hit on the way back was new. It struck the windshield like hail and was painful when we stuck our hands out the car windows. Cool. I love a good storm.

This photoshop action is Brannan.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Art Car Parade Around Lake Harriet - Small Adventures 1

art car parade around Lake Harriet
Traffic around Lake Harriet took an odd turn last night when the Art Car Parade wound it's way around the lake.

The couch is controlled by a game style controller and it races and spins around the street. 

My daughter's favorite was a Dr Who car with Bad Wolf written on the side.

Yesterday while on a bike ride with my daughter I decided we needed to schedule weekly small adventures where we do something different or learn a new skill.

My family spends too much time in different rooms with everyone on their own computer; we've even texted each other inside the house.

The Instagram style film strip actually was actually taken with a digital SLR camera but I do like playing with my toys. Daniel Box made some very nice Photoshop actions that are very easy to use. This one is Toaster. My plan is to do a photo strip for each of our small adventures.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

How To Make a Recycled Envelope Book with Scrapbook Paper Instead of Envelopes.

Envelope book made from scrapbook paper and a recycled hardcover book.

I remembered seeing an envelope book and thought I could use some more scrapbook paper to make something similar. I chose a tropical theme and will use it for my next vacation.

book cover being cut free of pages

I grabbed a book from the stack that I'm donating to the library and carefully cut the book free from the cover with a razor blade. I'm keeping the pages since I plan to incorporate them into the finished book later.

measuring book spine

I measured the spine to see how big to make the insert. This book is 1.25 inches wide.

folding chart for spine
Now for the math.

I want the insert to be a little smaller than the spine so that it can lay normally when the pages are filled and the "envelopes" are filled. My spine is 1.25" wide so a 1" wide insert will fit well.

I want a 1/2" flange so the larger piece of paper is 2" x 8.75 (the length of the page I want the finished book to have minus .25")

I want to have a .25" space between the flanges so the next 2 pieces of paper are 1.5" wide.

The fold lines are indicated with a dashed line. A scoring board is very helpful but not required.

The center flange is glued together inside. I used Tacky glue since that was what I had on hand and a glue stick would be strong enough.

All 3 folded flanges nest inside each other and are glued along the bottom.

folded paper spine

I used scrapbook card stock to make the spine flange.

cardboard spine reinforcing

The book spine isn't stable enough to glue the spine flange to, so I cut a piece of cardboard to size and glued it in place.

cardboard spine reinforcing

spine glued in place

I glued on new endpapers to cover the existing ones and cover the cardboard covered spine. I used white scrapbook paper and since the book is wider than 12" I have a seam in the center.

Make sure you fold the book closed to ensure you don't have the paper glued too tight.

I plan to decorate the endpapers with art so the white will suit my  needs but a more interesting end paper would be fun.

Glue the center flange in place.

folded paper book page sleeve

My finished envelope pages will be 5.5 x 9 inches. Scrapbook paper is only 12" so I needed to piece the envelope sleeve.

I cut the sleeve 5.5 x 9.5 and folded each piece .5 inch on opposite ends.

Glue the 2 pieces of paper together with the folds on opposite sides to reduce bulk at the seam.

folded paper book page sleeve

gluing pages into book

Put glue on both sides of each individual flange and slide the envelope sleeve on. Press in place. Check the pages by turning them (like you were reading a book) since they need to have a little space for turning and you don't want the pages too tight.

Envelope book made from scrapbook paper and a recycled hardcover book.

The finished book. I'll be cutting watercolor paper to size so I can use to as a travel journal. The nice thing is the scrapbook pages are acid free so it won't hurt the artwork.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

How To Make A Book With Pockets From A Sheet Of 12" Scrapbook Paper

book made from a sheet of scrapbook paper

I have a bunch of scrapbook paper that I don't know what to do with. I thought a book might be good since the paper is acid free and nice quality. This is a cross between a couple of other books I've previously made and I think it turned out cute.

paper folding tool

You don't need a Martha Stewart Crafts Scoring Board and Envelope Tool but it sure makes life good. You rest the paper against the guides and run a bone folder along the groove. 

folding guide

Score a piece of 12 inch scrapbook paper along the above lines. Fold along the scored lines.

Cut along the dashed line but do NOT cut the remaining 3 inches.

book made from a sheet of scrapbook paper

Fold the first side accordion style.

book made from a sheet of scrapbook paper

Now's the tricky part. When you get to the end of the first side, you fold the uncut edge backwards so that you can continue to fold the remainder of the book accordion style.

book made from a sheet of scrapbook paper

You can see the open space where the uncut side was folded.

book made from a sheet of scrapbook paper

Glue the back side of the pages together. I just used a glue stick.

book made from a sheet of scrapbook paper

To prevent things falling out of the pockets, I taped the edge with decorative tape and trimmed the excess. Washi tape would be great but I used decorative tape that I found at Target.

book made from a sheet of scrapbook paper

You can see the backs of the pages are glued and the 3 open folder edges have been taped.

book made from a sheet of scrapbook paper

The cover of the finished book.

book made from a sheet of scrapbook paper

You can use the pockets for credit cards, business cards, or mementos. The paper is acid free so it would be nice to draw on the white portion and keep small items in the pocket. I think I might glue some of these inside the cover of my artist journals.