Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Typography Trivia

What is the small dot over a lower case i or j called? It's a tittle.

If trivia makes you go If trivia makes you go If trivia makes you go If trivia makes you go $&@#!, those symbols are called a grawlixes.

Mort Walker, the creator of Beetle Bailey, gave profanity a new name in his book The Lexicon of Comicana.

Agitrons are wiggly lines indicating that something is shaking
Briffits are clouds of dust indicating that a character left in a rush.
Emanata are straight lines rising from around a character's head indicating surprise
Plewds are drops of sweat indicating that a character is hot or stressed
Squeans are asterisks with an empty center indicating drunkenness or dizziness
Solrads are radiating lines drawn from something luminous like a light bulb or the sun.
Waftaroms are wavy lines rising from something indicating a strong smell or heat.

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