Saturday, May 2, 2009

Scanner Art Scanner Photography

Scanner photography, scanography, is the process of capturing digital images using a scanner. You can achieve a significantly higher degree of detail with a scanner than you can with a digital camera but it has a lower depth of field.

I recently attempted artistic images with my scanner. The dog didn't care for it much when we put her paws on it and covered her eyes (the light is very bright and we were very careful to protect her) so I changed to more willing subjects.

It's a fascinating medium since unlike digital photography you work in reverse and curved objects respond in unpredictable ways. You'll want to protect the scanning surface with a plastic film if you are scanning objects that are messy or could scratch the glass. Also be cautious about putting too much weight on the glass since it was not designed to support heavy objects.

Here are my favorites and I plan to play with the images more in Photoshop.

airline memorabilia
black stone with gold medallions
lily scan
peace lily flower scan
double scan of a pink lilly and stone

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