Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Some More Drawings From My Blog 365 Drawings of Food

trees casting ice cream shadows

ink and marker drawing of a bag of chicken

zentangle pizza

ink drawing pun of sloppy joe

vegetables at a high society party ink and marker drawing

ink and marker drawing of a leek flying out of a spring

ink drawing of french fries hiding

Most of these food related drawings are done with India Ink. The drawings include—A bag of groceries drawn with India Ink and colored in Illustrator—A happy carrot—A chef flying in a tomato hot air balloon—Some fry is watching me—Country club party with vegetables—Sloppy Joe—Pizza Zentangle—Ice Cream cone shadows on trees—Spring a leek.

ink drawing of a bag of groceries colored in illustrator

tomato hot air balloon with a chef passenger

happy carrot ink drawing colored in illustrator

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