Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Life Span of a Snow Bunny

closeup of a snowman rabbit
February 22, 11:00 am
The day was perfect for a snowman and since I recently scanned an old photo of my kids making a snow bunny, a 5 foot high snow bunny was born. She had sexy maple tree helicopters for eyelashes, dried flower arms and a coquettish tail.
snowman rabbit
February 22, 4:00 pm
The sun is out and she decided to lean back 20 degrees to get catch some rays. Her false eyelashes have fallen off.
melted snowman
March 6
What a difference a week makes, she's lost her head.
arms from a melted snowman.
March 13
It's rained and the 60+ degree days have taken their toll. She should have gone North for spring break.

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