Sunday, July 21, 2013

Art Car Parade Around Lake Harriet - Small Adventures 1

art car parade around Lake Harriet
Traffic around Lake Harriet took an odd turn last night when the Art Car Parade wound it's way around the lake.

The couch is controlled by a game style controller and it races and spins around the street. 

My daughter's favorite was a Dr Who car with Bad Wolf written on the side.

Yesterday while on a bike ride with my daughter I decided we needed to schedule weekly small adventures where we do something different or learn a new skill.

My family spends too much time in different rooms with everyone on their own computer; we've even texted each other inside the house.

The Instagram style film strip actually was actually taken with a digital SLR camera but I do like playing with my toys. Daniel Box made some very nice Photoshop actions that are very easy to use. This one is Toaster. My plan is to do a photo strip for each of our small adventures.

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