Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Watercolor Painting of a Frog Holding An Umbrella From My Art Journal

Watercolor Painting of Frog Holding Umbrella Artist Journal Page
I adore frogs and when I saw this cute photograph by Penkdix Palme I was compelled to use it as a reference photo.

I only did a journal sketch since I never do serious paintings from another person's images. I had mixed feelings after I completed it since I tried to find out more about the photographer to give him credit for the shot.

There's a bit of controversy over the series of photographs. I prefer to take the photo in good faith and hope nothing bad happened to the frog. Photographers luck into amazing shots and he did appear in National Geographic. Animals are clever and capable of using tools.

The lesson I learned is stick with my original images and not be swayed by pretty pictures. Life is simpler that way.

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