Saturday, June 13, 2009

Cabin Quest

drawing of a hummingbird

Hummingbird ACEO ink drawing. I made up the flowers since our hummingbirds eat at feeders and it's too early for the day lilies that surround the cabin.

drawing of pine trees

These are the Birch and Spruce trees across the yard at our cabin. We have bluebird houses along this stretch of woods. Ink drawing ACEO

blue bird nest

This is a bluebird nest we cleaned out of the one of the blue bird houses. We had bluebirds nest there but the house had other tenants later in summer. We did not leave the nest on the ground since we didn't want to advertise for predators.

blue bird house

One of the bluebird houses. They are very picky and we used natural, not treated wood (the boards actually came from our forest area). They prefer rough wood with no perch and a 1.5" diameter hole. We have had the best luck with the houses situated near the woods but not in them and with lots of surrounding grassy areas (they like the surrounding vegetation low and sparse). We edged the yard with houses at different compass positions and they seem to prefer the ones that are protected from the prevailing winds. We only have one family per nesting season but I suspect that may be a territory issue.

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