Thursday, June 18, 2009

My Artist Studio Space

I love viewing artist's work spaces so I thought I'd share a portion of mine. Most of the windows face north, the other is a western exposure.

artist studio

This is my desk where I do digital art and some drawing. I prefer an easel to drawing flat so I never do larger pieces here. I use my Wacom tablet as a mouse pad and I want to get a huge monitor. My westiepoo, Marilyn, has one of her beds under my desk, the lhasa poo, Zelda, prefers leather chairs.

artist studio

The photo became rather foreshortened but I have 2 large magnetic inspiration boards that I put things on. I use an antique milk box to store supplies and I move my chair behind the plant to paint (it doesn't look like it but there is about a 3 foot space). The painting on the easel is a voodoo doll that I'm currently working on; the charcoal value sketch is on the magnet board to the right. I have a large upright wood easel and an antique portable drafting table that I usually use (that's what the voodoo doll is on).

The tree behind the painting is a weeping ficus that is about 5 feet in diameter. I don't have window treatments I have plants. Every south facing window is a wall of plants and if you look at them from the outside they are pressed forlornly against the glass. I have a 9 foot high palm tree that we may need to cut a hole in the roof for soon.

The other side of the room has my Fender Starcaster electric guitar, a leather chair and a 7 foot high light-up palm tree. The window on that side of the room is covered with 100s of lead glass crystals and they make rainbows everywhere when the afternoon sun shines.
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