Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Cabin Sketches

I was at our cabin over the 4th of July and here are some of the sketches that resulted.
ink drawing of an eagle at the cabin
Eagles nest on a nearby mountain, it's Minnesota, so It's actually a big hill but we call it a mountain. The eagles spent quite a bit of time hunting in the clearing so I'm glad we did not bring along the dogs, they are smaller than the rabbits that the eagles captured.

I did the drawing of the eagle with a Pilot Frixon Ball pen. In theory it's erasable but I wouldn't try to erase anything larger than a tittle (the dot over an i).
ink drawing of blood suckers attacking my shoe

I went to Sivertson Lake to photograph the water lilies and waded out to get a better shot.

I was so intent on the flowers I forgot why no one swims in that lake. The holes in my pink Crocs were the perfect playground for blood suckers (small leaches). I did get some great photos so it was worth the ick factor.

ink drawing of before and after of a pine tree

We had an impressive storm on July 3rd that brought 8 inches of rain; a mile away they only received half an inch. The storm was so localized that it had a Stephen King element to it.

I heard a cracking noise after the rain stopped and went out back to see what happened. One of the pine trees had fallen and since I heard another crack I fled back inside. The cabin roof has been hit twice before by pine trees and my Jeep once; no damage either time. This pine was courteous enough to fall backwards, slid down the hill, and required no clean up.

ink drawing of things seen at the cabin
We are at Toad Lake and there are the cutest, tiny, toads. The toads are about an inch long while they sit. This one thought he was invisible he if didn't move so he made an excellent subject.

The weather must have been perfect this year since we had wild roses and lady's slippers everywhere.
ink drawing of things seen at the cabin
There is a Jurassic sized crow that was hanging around the screen door; I had no idea that black birds could get so large. He would stand in front of the screen and scratch the wire with his beak.

We have no visible neighbors and I think he was planning a caper. I gave him a slight smile since I think he's planing on what to get from the refrigerator for lunch.

artist journal drawing of cabin birds, bugs and flowers


  1. All of your sketches are terrific. I especially enjoyed the pine tree, which is a favorite subject of mine.

    It may not be the Caribbean but it is an awfully nice place. I visited there many years ago and thought it was amazing.

  2. It seems you had a artfully productive weekend, thanks for sharing!

  3. Wonderful series of drawings to document your travel. I never thought about eagles big enough to carry off rabbits! or blood leeches - Yuch!

  4. Your drawings are so cool! I especially love the pine tree, so neatly done, and the page with the jurassic crow - the composition, with the leaf in the front, is awesome!

  5. Thank you for your kind comments. By the way, a little salt encourages bloodsuckers to let go.

  6. Great sketches and I love the narrative! I seem to attract leaches and find them extremely repulsive ... I don't put my feet in inland lakes anymore just for that reason. Yes, I know about the salt, but someone has to catch me first to put it on - I find I can run like the wind when there's one of the little devils on my feet! lol nancy

  7. Really like the compositions. I have never encountered bloodsuckers and don't plan on the experience.

  8. So productive and the results are all great! =)

  9. What an interesting peek into life at your cabin, sounds wonderful if not a little dangerous with blood suckers and falling trees!
    Great sketches too.

  10. All of these sketches are so good! That pine tree is exceptional! Sounds like a wonderful weekend getaway, even if not someplace fancy!