Saturday, July 24, 2010

Pretty Bikes Are Like Pretty Shoes

I bought this pink Diamondback, Della Cruz, bike because it had an awesome chain guard, wide cork patterned seat with springs, sewn leather handles, cute wicker basket, balloon tires, and was covered with yellow hibiscus flowers. The only thing it's missing are gears and it has one speed, slow.

I drew this after a grueling 3 mile ride that would have been effortless if I borrowed my daughter's 10 speed bike. I get a lot of complements on my stylish bike while I chug along, but riding it is like wearing stilettos on a hike.


  1. Absolute fabulous drawing/sketch of your bike. I like the basket.

  2. This is a great sketch!! After a serious crash took out my mountain bike (think cliffs), my husband encouraged me to get something a little more like yours. I got a Townie Electra with 21 gears. I can still take our forty mile rides (well, if we were still doing them!), and it has what they call 'flat foot technology', which simply means I can put both feet flat on the ground while still sitting in the seat. I love this bike!! (And they come in pretty colors and with some very cool accessories too!)