Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Downtown Minneapolis Drawings

My family members are good sports about letting me sketch things and while they say don't rush I'm not comfortable making them wait for me. Speed is a good way to capture the essence since I can always explore the subject further at another time. I think I become more creative and accomplish more when I have a deadline, even if it is self-imposed.

ink drawing if the basilica of St Mary Minneapolis

I was at Utrecht getting some supplies and spotted this interesting view of the Basilica of Saint Mary behind some other buildings in the alley. I liked the contrast of a very ornate, beautiful building tucked behind plain, serviceable space.

Ink drawing of spoon bridge at the Walker Sculpture Garden

 We then went to the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden where I did a sketch of the Spoonbridge and Cherry Fountain.

Ink drawing at a diner of food and a patron

We finished with a trip to the Uptown Diner where I had an excellent club sandwich with a ridiculous amount of hash browns. I managed to eat about half of the hash browns and brought most of the sandwich home. The potatoes never saw a take out container since I had my husband along and well, they are hash browns.

The man in the diner had such interesting hair and a long graceful neck that he required a sketch while we were waiting for the food. I've noticed that even when you try to be subtle, people know when you look at them and looking at them more than once can certainly speed up their dining experience.


  1. I LOVED seeing your work---you are so very talented and draw with wit !

  2. Great pages Marie ! I know how you feel when you want to sketch with family or friends waiting for you !
    But these sketches are nice and detailed!

  3. My husband is always so gracious and says 'take your time', but I always feel bad anyway! These are excellent sketches and don't feel rushed to me at all!

  4. Lovely work, and your sketches haven't suffered at all from being done quickly. I don't like to make people wait either, so sometimes we plan ahead for a sketch/reading outing--he reads and I sketch. It works out pretty well!

  5. Your kids don't draw/sketch? Maybe they could bring along a camera and explore a different medium?

  6. My wanting to draw was spontaneous while out doing errands. I enjoy doing quick sketches since it forces me to get the important parts and not become bogged down in fussy details. I can always come back or take a photo if it's a subject I wish to explore further.

    My oldest is a jewelry designer and the younger is a potter but neither draw.

    I am very busy and when I go on an outing they want to come along since it's time we can spend together.

  7. My man does it too, or he will ask me to take a picture so I "get the right light"... Hmmm, he supports me but I the same way like a lot of you, its hard to draw under that. Love the cherry pond, that really neat. All lovely drawings.

  8. I'm always amazed when I see work done by someone when they're out to lunch with friends (none of whom draw), and they sit at the table with them and draw! I know just how you feel. These sketches are really very nice. I especially love how you added the person to the Spoon Bridge and Cherry Fountain - it gives a wonderful sense of the scale of it! nancy

  9. All of the sketches are wonderful but the sandwich is out of this world!

  10. I love them! I really like the way you focused on the important details and leaving some for imagination =) And everytime I look at them, I see different things and I really enjoy that!