Tuesday, September 7, 2010

I Must Be Hungry

The last 5 sketches in my book have a food theme.
dr sketchy nude drawing

The nudes were done at a Dr Sketchy life drawing event. The reclining model had cupcake pasties and those are blueberries on her apron. I drew them with a ballpoint pen, I think I should have planned my materials better.

ink drawing radish

Radishes drawn with a micron pen and Prismacolor markers.

drawing tomatoes

Tomatoes drawn with a Micron pen and watercolors

artist journal page dangerous items

My daughter came in while I was doing this page and remarked it was creepy. I have no idea why I was drawing things that could be dangerous.

artist journal page food drawings

I took photos around Minneapolis including the Farmers Market, baked pies and made corned beef with cabbage. The pear blueberry pie was inspired by a bowl of pears no one was eating and the remainder of the blueberries. The ironic part is that the pear/blueberry combination was delicious and was more popular than the blueberry pie.

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  1. You have a very strong style emerging; I love them!