Thursday, December 2, 2010

Photographer's Business Card

I was recently asked to create a one sided business card for a new photographer. He wanted lots of color, particularly a masculine pink, plus CMYK and RGB colors. He also requested lots of crisp lines and did not want to include any examples of his photographs.
I chose the font ITC Avant Garde Gothic for it's beautiful, round counters which mimic a camera lens. The b is filled with a camera aperture and was divided to accommodate 8 sections for the requested colors. The e resembles an eye so I used the dot for the initial to make a pupil and the counter becomes an eyelid.
initial logo with camera aperature

 Here is a grayscale version for black and white applications.
initial logo with camera aperature

This is a less whimsical version of the font design but he preferred the first example.
initial logo with camera aperature

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