Sunday, December 26, 2010

Deadpool Style Clothing For Nissa and Dogpool (Zelda)

My daughter is a huge Deadpool fan but there is very little merchandise for it so I made her a few things for Christmas.

deadpool hooded sweatshirt hoodie

The black hoodie was purchased at Target and I hand appliqued the Deadpool logo on the front.

deadpool crocheted scarf

The crocheted Deadpool scarf has a complete logo when the ends are held together.

deadpool inspired dog jacket

The scarf was my first design but I had a second variation that didn't work out which left me with several of the Deadpool circles. I used the circles to make a crocheted dog jacket and called it Dogpool.

kindergarten Halloween party
Nissa as storm from the x-men

As you can see, Nissa has had a fondness for comic book characters since she was little; she's the one dressed as Storm from the X-Men.


  1. This was a very thoughtful gift! Well done!

  2. Aww... THIS is awesome. And that hoodie, in particular, rocks.

    You'd think since Deadpool has... 6 (?) monthly books and an upcoming movie, he'd have a tad more merch.

    - Jason Kerouac,

  3. That's funny you are from Panels on Pages, Nissa is the January Fan Girl. Small world.

  4. Oh, I know. I went looking to see if she was on Facebook so I could add her, and Facebook instead sent me here. So I thought I'd say hi!

    It was really great meeting her at C2E2 last year, and I hope she's enjoyed her run-in with our band of hooligans.

  5. She is on Facebook, go to Facebook and her name appears there.