Saturday, October 6, 2012

Doctor Who Stick Figure Car Family with Downloadable PDF

doctor who characters on car window

I see a lot of stick figure, car family decals on the back of SUVs but I wanted something a little edgier.

The cyberman is dad, I'm the weeping angel, my daughters are daleks and we have 3 K-9 in various sizes.

My back window is too tinted to see the family through the glass so I had to double stick tape them on the outside. I thought about making them into actual decals but that's too much commitment unless I could easily remove the decals. The last decal I put on a car was a rainbow on my vintage Karmann Ghia. The decal outlasted the car. Perhaps I'm superstitious since I really love my Jeep and I don't want it to end the same way as the Karmann Ghia. We actually had a wake for that car.

You can download a copy of the PDF here

cyberman weeping angel dalek k-9 black and white

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