Monday, October 29, 2012

Halloween Candy Corn Crocheted Dog Jacket

black dog wearing a crocheted candy corn design sweater

I found this wonderful free pattern on the Etsy Facebook site and it's from DIY Maven. It almost took longer to go buy the yarn than it did to crochet.

Zelda is 5.5 pounds and she's feeling a little naked after a recent trip to the groomers. I followed the directions for the small dog and it fit well.

I am going to make her another one a bit longer since she likes her middle covered.

I will be adding 2 yellow rows and 3 orange rows before the leg opening.

I like having the seam centered along the bottom so when it was time to time to make the leg opening, I slip stitched into the the double crochet stitches until I was 11 stiches in. On the 11th stitch I started my chain 3 stitch and then double crocheted 33 stitches. There should be 10 chain stitches on both sides of the center seam.

black dog wearing a larger crocheted candy corn design sweater

Here is the jacket slightly longer, I think it's a better match for Zelda. I'll run the other one over to the Humane Society this afternoon. Perhaps a holiday sweater will help someone find a new home.


  1. That face...the FACE!!! So cute. :)

    1. Thank you. I'll let her know you said that, she loves being adored.