Monday, June 24, 2013

How To Make An Artistic Colored Gradient in Photoshop

palm trees on stairs
I recently was looking through a magazine and saw a pretty black and white fashion photo with a pink gradient and I had to try to duplicate it.

palm trees on stairs

Place your photo in Photoshop.

To make it black and white go to Image > Adjustments > Channel Mixer
Check Monochrome. Click OK

photoshop gradient screenshots

New Fill or Adjustment Layer > Gradient.
Click on the gradient in the Gradient Fill screen to bring up the Gradient Editor.
Choose a color to fill the little paint bucket. I used a Miami Vice style pink F87a7a.
100% Opacity is too intense so you want click on the box over the paint bucket to bring up the opacity slider. I used 42%.
Adjust the angle so that it looks right.

tinted palm trees on stairs

The image on the left is how it looks after the gradient is applied. The right version had the blending mode Multiply applied.

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