Monday, July 27, 2009

Back To School Supplies

package of color pencils
eraser experiment with color pencils

I adore back to school supplies. New crayons, smooth paper, folders, and little gadgets. I spotted these interesting color pencils at Target. Crayola makes twistable colored pencils which is cool, no sharpening, but wait there's more. They are erasable!

Admittedly one of my color pencils cost more than the entire package but there is no way it would ever erase.

I did a little experiment with the twistable Crayola color pencils and they do erase smoothly only leaving a slight shadow stain. I didn't try to keep erasing to see if you can get rid of the shadow stain. The eraser is on the end of the pencil. I tried a white eraser to see if it only worked with the Crayola pencils and the white eraser worked as well.

I doubt they are archival and the blending is only fair but for quick little sketches they are very handy and I don't need to keep a sharpener in my purse. The pencils are a lot tidier than the Pitt pens that made such a mess last week in my bag.

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