Saturday, July 25, 2009

Sketchbook Pages

caricatures in an artist journal

I enjoy looking at other artist's sketchbooks so I thought I'd share a few pages out of my current book. I use the books to record random notes, doodles, things that caught my eye or sketches of things I plan to explore further.

ink drawings in an artist journalStaycation is a new word in the dictionary; it means to stay home and live as though you are on vacation.

Billy Connolly said on NPR if you want to lose weight don't eat food that comes in buckets. This cracked me up since we had just bought a bucket of chicken.

ink drawings in an artist journal

I love to draw robots and monsters.

The small drawings are ACEO sized. I keep these sheets of paper in my purse along with a Micron pen for quick sketches when I have small spaces of time. I discovered at Blick yesterday aluminum ACEO paper cases, sure beats a zip lock bag.

Jamaica phrases with a mermaid drawing

Jamaicans have a unique form of English and here are some phrases. A surprising number of the phrases concern having sex, names for the naughty bits, quality, results and well, sex...

Jamaica is my favorite Caribbean island. Parts are very dangerous and should be avoided, the vendors are outrageously aggressive but I love the way people sing at the resorts while they work.

fairy drawing

Frig Fairy

caricatures in an artist journal

We were at the cabin and heard an announcement on the radio that swimming lessons were canceled due to the cold weather, it was mid July.

artist journal page

Some good advice—never give yourself a haircut after 3 margaritas

I used to paint these branches on company thank you cards when I had an insurance agency.

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