Tuesday, July 7, 2009

I'm Having A Good Flower Day Today

moss covered rock in a pond

I love how the moss is growing on a rock in the Koi pond and there is a beautiful reflection of the trees on the water's surface.

backyard pond

I was going to paint a mural on the garden shed but this is such a pretty shade of blue I'll leave it as it is.

The raccoons knocked the pond pump loose but I think you can see why I enjoy our backyard. The other side has a screened gazebo with a hanging chandelier and some over sized hammocks.

The pond attracts birds, frogs, raccoons, and an occasional turtle. When the outdoor frogs sing in the evening; the dwarf aquatic frogs inside the house sing back.

Some of the pond rocks are from our travels; the others are field stones that we got from farmers. We have concrete hand prints that we made when the kids were younger and they decorated the hand prints with marbles.

I used a plastic box that food came in for a mold; the concrete is quikrete and is very easy to use. Make sure you use rubber gloves since you don't want direct skin contact with the concrete mixture.

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