Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Anti Nuclear Propaganda Poster

Anti Nuclear Propaganda Poster

I was a little reluctant to do a tsunami themed anti nuclear poster for studio art class since Japan's tragedy is so fresh.

I drew the silhouette of a giant wave about to sweep away a nuclear power facility along with a fishing village. The wave resembles a dragon's head as well as an open mouth preparing to chomp down.

The poster was drawn with ink in a sketch book. The goal was to draw a poster that conveyed a propaganda message without text or color.

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  1. Very effective graphic! I love the symbolism in your dragon-like wave. I don't know enough about the nuclear power discussion to have an informed opinion on how safe or unsafe the option is. It is obvious we need to keep looking for clean, safe, energy alternatives.

    I really like the stark power of this black and white image. Great job!