Monday, March 14, 2011

The Line For iPads

the line for the new ipad

We didn't choose a good day to buy an iMac. I knew the iPad came out Friday but I thought we would have missed the rush when we went to the Apple store at 4:00. They closed the door until the 5:00 launch and we had to wait with 100s of people for the doors to open. I knew exactly what I wanted, asked the manager to bring it out and take my Amex but he said he couldn't before 5:00. The non iPad group was pretty cranky but the iPad people were very excited.

The new screen is amazing and the speakers are much better than the ones on my MacBook Pro. I was down to 5GB on the laptop and even after putting on a ton of software, files, music and photos I still have over 800 GB to spare. Yay, no more juggling files. I love my new computer but this is my second major Apple fubar in less than 30 days; I expect better from Apple.

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