Monday, February 4, 2013

How To Make Mini Saddle Stitched Notebooks Made From Comic Books

paper cutter, stapler, comic books, ruler, paper, staple remover

Somehow my kids keep ending up with free comic books which they don't read.   I wanted to do something with them other than the recycling bin so I started making mini notebooks that I enclose with my Stray Squirrels Etsy items.

Remove the staples from your comic book.

Tear the double pages into single pages and choose the best looking side to be the front side of the cover.

I made these booklets with 3 sheets of white paper which makes a 6 page booklet.
stapler with tape mark guide

Determine how wide your cover will be and put a tape mark on the stapler so you know how far in to staple. My finished booklets are 3 1/8" x 5". Each page will make two booklets so you need to do 2 sets of staples. I just eyeball it but you can measure if you prefer the spacing to be exact.

comic book page stapled to paper

The cover now has 4 staples. The paper I happen to be using is tabloid size but regular copy paper works better.

back side of stapled pages

I use a bone folder to press down the staples if they aren't laying nicely. This is an excellent stapler so it isn't an issue, but some of my other staplers don't work as well.

comic book page folded along staples

Fold the spine along the staple line using your hands. Use the bone folder to make a crisper fold along the spine.

book being trimmed on paper cutter

Cut the long edge of the booklet. Again, mine is 3 1/8 inches wide. Turn the book so the spine is along the top edge of the cutter and trim one end. Trim the other end so the booklet is 10 inches long. Cut the booklet in half so you have two, 5 inch long pieces.

book with ruler showing width

book with ruler showing height

completed notebook

inside of completed book

front and back of completed book

white dog

Buffy hopped up on the table to supervise and became a little jealous when she wasn't in the photos.

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