Friday, September 11, 2009

Hurricane Zelda Struck

ink drawing of a shoe

My favorite color is a vivid aqua blue and while shopping for shirts at Kohls my husband spotted these shoes. They didn't have my size so he went to several stores to find a pair for me.

Zelda, my lhasa poo, liked them even more.

EDM Everyday matters challenge #1 draw a shoe


  1. How distressing! This happened to me once at my mother-in-law's home. I was devastated because I had such trouble finding sandals in my narrow width. I got no sympathy!! ;o)

  2. Ah! I hate that and it happened to me quite a few times with my last dog! (including a pair of shoes I had purchased for an interview the next day!)

    The sketch is wonderful. Great job on the shading methods!

  3. Great drawing! Don't know why they always go for the new stuff! We have one that can't be trusted too :-)