Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Some More Drawings From My Blog 365 Drawings of Food

I've noticed that the viewers for the 2 blogs are very different so I thought I'd share some the sketches in my ongoing food journal.

drawing of a pineapple plant

This is a crayola marker and pitt pen drawing of a pineapple. I like how the quick sketch captured the essence and texture.

drawing of flowers with food centers

I like the whimsy of the flower centers being the menu items. Markers and Pitt pen.

drawing of lunch at Sonic

A Sonic Cheeseburger with a Diet Cherry Limeade is just tasty.

Markers and Pitt pen drawing

drawing of carrot trees

Martian Carrot invaders, my brain is not always a pretty place to be.

Micron pen and watercolors

Egyptian wall painting of a woman holding a hot dog and hamburger

 I was listening to the song Walk Like an Egyptian and drew a wall painting of an Egyptian lady holding a hot dog and hamburger.

Pitt pen and crayola markers drawing

drawing of a road trip

Heading to the cabin. My DH looks a little like a character from Scooby Doo but the Zelda and Marilyn cartoon are fairly accurate.

drawing of a woman thinking about food

I forgot my lunch, again.

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