Thursday, September 3, 2009

Oak Leaf Zentangle

zentangle drawing of an oak leaf

Zentangle is a form of artistic meditation that uses repetitive patterns to create images.

We used to call these designs phone book doodles but I prefer zentangles.

I used a Pitt pen to draw this one but it would be a good use for all the Sharpie markers that breed on my desk.

The words in the leaf vane are "The burr oak in the front yard signifies strength but it's also delightfully spooky for Halloween."

EDM Every Day Matters Challenge #147 – Draw or paint something made of wood


  1. I like the term too. I also like the meditation part.

  2. This is beautiful!
    I luv it!!

  3. Hi Marie,
    Great zentangle. I am happy to see you getting enjoyment from this artform.

  4. Beautiful Zentangle (nice leaf too!) Bet it would be great with color. I'm glad you defined zentangle for me. I've seen it on various blogs, but didn't quit know what it was. I think I've done made zentangles without knowing it!