Saturday, September 5, 2009

Zentangle Butterfly

zentangle butterflyThe artistic meditation portion of zentangles works. I was having problems with a program yesterday and after drawing this, followed by hitting my daughter's kick boxing dummy, I figured out that some presets were changed. Meditation and violence, very zen...

I did the butterfly and clematis blossom with a Pitt pen. The word zentangle is in the flower petals and the leaf vein says clematis leaf.

EDM Everyday Matters Challenge #235 draw a butterfly


  1. LOL. Great thought. I love zentangles because they are so mind numbing at times. I love your butterfly.

  2. I just need to do more of these, they are just so cool. Love the pinwheel eyes.

  3. Looks great! Love everything on your blog, the zentangles and the other drawings - your apples series is awesome!

  4. Love your take on the zentangle.

  5. I went to the EDM site because I'd like to see more drawings of butterflies. Where would I find them?
    LOVE this zentangle butterfly, and it just MAY be the drawing I'm Looking for, I'm not sure yet!
    Thanks !
    You're inspiring!