Thursday, February 10, 2011

3 More Recycled Book Art Journals

Bad Hugh
has a pretty woman wearing a straw hat with pink flowers.

Around the World in St Paul
is another local book destined for the trash that I upscaled.

Farm Ballads
has a pretty rural scene inset on the cover.


  1. I've been enjoying this whole series. What paper do you use inside? Do you bind the books yourself or take them to a copy shop for binding?

  2. I usually use acid free drawing paper but I have also used watercolor paper, cotton paper and plan to make a black paper journal.

    I use a guillotine paper cutter to cut the paper to size and I bind them myself. I like making regular style books but for art journals I prefer books that have removable pages and can lay flat.

    I've heard that copy shops are quite reasonable for binding but it's not hard to do it yourself.

    I just got some new, old books and will make some more journals this weekend and I'll document the process.