Sunday, February 20, 2011

Collecting Sand

Collecting Sand on Vacation

We collect sand from all the places we travel to and these are the most recent. The sand is from beaches on Sanibel Island, Captiva, Fort Meyers Beach and Lovers Beach in Florida.

We normally put the sand in bottles that we cork with shells, rocks or coral. I had these bottles that held cocktail mix and they had handy screw top closures.

Ikea used to carry a wonderful decorative bottle that I can't find anywhere any more so I'm back to searching for bottles again.

Collecting Sand on Vacation

These are some of the Ikea bottles.


  1. That's an amazing display and a great idea. I'd like to also know about the books on the bottom shelf. Did you bind those?

  2. How absolutely charming! My son recently returned from the Holy land bringing me water from the sea of Galilee and sand from the beach of the Mediterranean sea at Jaffa....also a bottle of wine. We drank the wine (Galil brand) and put the sea of Galilee water into the bottle. :) I do not like the jar I have the sand in, and keep looking for a more fitting receptacle. I love these wavy jars you have found!

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