Monday, February 14, 2011

Kakau Hawaiian Pineapple Ale Second Draft

Kakau Hawaiian Pineapple Ale Second Draft

The pale ale morphed into pineapple ale; I know I'd try it if I saw it on a menu.

I redid the neck band to resemble a tattoo that would band around a surface and the spirals still have a water feel without being so obvious.

I played around with making my own font. The A has the repeating lines that are so prevalent and the K uses the popular chevron pattern. I like the font but it seems a little hard and not as friendly as the first choice.

It was helpful to make a mock-up and I like the new curved label much better. The legal and required text run vertically on both sides of the label.

Kakau Hawaiian Pineapple Ale Second Draft

I missed the friendly, laid back, K so I tried other versions in Illustrator, these are only a few of the experiments. The small "a" with a hibiscus was very Hawaiian but repeating the same "a" was too much. I remembered buying items with the long "a" so it seemed like a good solution that was also visually interesting.

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