Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Not So Happy Couple Magazine Collage

I was recently assigned to create a collage with symbols, food, and comic images cut from magazines.

I think the closest I ever came to making a collage was cutting paper dolls from Grandma's Sears catalog so this was interesting. During critique, one of the students called out "That's what I'm talking about! That's f&*@#ing great!" so I guess it turned out OK. Several of the students had elaborate stories about what was going on so it was an easy critique for me, they did all the talking.

The man on the left has a cupcake hat and 2 birds are flying towards the blueberry. The woman is wearing a diamond ring hat and she's watching a man wearing a Hermes (Mercury) winged hat on a ladder cut a heart in half. Her body is an ivy covered wedding cake. The man has a TV set in his chest playing I Love Lucy, her TV set is showing Madonna. She looks rather hip while he has more traditional values.

There is a vase spilling out Cheeze-It which are being sprinkled with additional salt; salt is rich in meaning and taste. The bottom has a dog, can of blue paint, and various analagous shades of tape. I'll spare you the symbolism of the piece but I did go a little crazy; those Humanities classes I took several years ago came into play.

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