Friday, February 4, 2011

Upcycled Video Box Book Made From The Rock

Upcycled Video Box Book Made From The Rock

I've been making journals with vintage books using the covers and some of the interior pages but today I repurposed some old VHS boxes. I used the cardboard sleeve from the VHS copy of the movie, The Rock.

The cover would have made the pages so skinny they would be impractical for use so I included the spine and backed the cover on acid free cardboard. The cardboard reinforces the VHS seam and makes the flimsy cover more stable. You can find acid free cardboard at comic book stores, it's sold as backing board to protect comic books. I keep art journals in my purse and that's a challenging environment for a thin cover.

The paper inside is 65 pound, acid free sketching paper that I cut to size with a paper cutter.

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