Wednesday, January 27, 2010

How Did Today Become So Gray?

artist journal drawing of my day

I really didn't plan on today's journal entry to be almost entirely gray.

-I got dressed in gray and black
-put on a black coat
-got in a gray Jeep
-dropped my gray and black clad daughter at school
-went to sculpture class to work on a gray figure
-did a black and white print of penguins jumping off a cliff
-ate takeout from Panda express (I actually dream about orange chicken)
-and worked on a gray MacBook Pro while listening to my gray and black iPod.


  1. Maybe it was because of the weather ?? :oD
    Anyway I love your page: we can follow you around, that's a real Daily Journal I should come back to !

  2. I'm with Martine and the weather ... here in the Mitten, it even makes my eyes look gray! Interesting post, fun drawings, and color in just the right place! nancy

  3. OOooohh I love gray too(not as much as I love green though) especially on cars...and I definitely use a LOT of gray in my drawings ^^

  4. I think if you exchanged your coat for a bright red one while doing all of these things, you'll stand out against the grayness! Excellent recap of your day.

  5. Well, sometimes a day is just gray...but you managed to make it look at its best! I love the fluidity of your grey sketch with the splash of color.

  6. If you lived in NYC like me, you would see and wear black/white/gray most days. :-)

  7. Thank goodness for the colorful food!

  8. OH, I like what Krista suggested! Just pop some color into your clothing and you're set to stand out from your environment! Lovely page! One day, about two years ago, I noticed that my wardrobe was almost entirely comprised of neutrals. I've been working on remedying that!

  9. Interesting how things work out isn't it. Love the art regardless of color. Besides, the purple makes all the others stand out.