Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Macbook Genie

mac book genie artist journal page
I said to my DH "I wish I didn't have class tonight but Bill never cancels so that's not going to happen."

I opened my computer and there was an email from the college; Shazam, my class was canceled.

I didn't know that Apple had an app that granted wishes.


  1. I'm gonna have to get me one of them! lol nancy

  2. Hahahaha... totally made me laugh out loud this one! Nice illustration, and I'd love to have a MacBook Genie too, but I don't have a Mac....yet ^^ shhh... don't tell my wife, she's been trying to convert me from PC to Mac for years... ^^

  3. Would you ask your Genie if there's a PC Genie he could send my way? I'm pretty nice and wouldn't make him work too hard. :D

    This page was definitely a celebratory one! How fun!

  4. Silly you.... Apple has an app for EVERYTHING!!!!! I want the app to make my husband stop snoring.

    Cute sketch and very creative post!